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It isn’t very often that you end up dealing with a flood in Redondo Beach, California, but when it occurs, you’ve got to act very quickly and carefully to preserve your residential or commercial property and possessions. That means hiring a local Redondo Beach flood damage repair service that is fully licensed, delivers affordable rates, and supports everything they do and guarantees your happiness. That’s us! We serve all of Los Angeles County! Please do not hesitate to contact us day or night for a rapid response and free price assessment!

A quick response is a more affordable response. Getting there promptly and coming equipped to take on any flood restoration project means saving you sadness and money. It’s why we’re built for a speedy response, with crews throughout the area in fully-stocked trucks. We get there immediately and can get to work immediately cleaning up flood damage from your home or office!

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Flood Cleanup Pricing for Redondo Beach

Did you know that there probably shouldn’t be much difference at all in rates between professional flood damage contractors? The main reason is that there is common pricing software that is accepted by insurers for claims, and that any service provider you call really should be using this software to figure out the costs of flooding cleanup services! We use that software to provide you with a complimentary written price quote!

Flood damage repair is cumbersome and necessitates a host of tools and a large crew. With that many moving parts, even with the best of intentions, every now and then something can go wrong. While we’re certain you’ll be totally satisfied with our repair, we also present you with comfort in the form of a full one year warranty on our services!

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When it comes to flooding, recognize the dangers!

Unfortunately flooding produced more deaths yearly than every other natural disaster. And although the danger is greatest in the middle of the flooding, there are also very real hazards that continue well after the flooding has died down. Even inland flooding from hurricanes can be extremely dangerous. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a great circular explaining the various kinds of flooding that occur that describes the dangers of each.

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Be aware of toxic pathogens in flood water!

Any water that has passed over or through the street and ended up in your property has the capacity to bring disease causing microorganisms. It’s why these types of floods are considered a category 3 (black water) water damage loss, signifying it has the most significant possibility of passing an infectious disease to individuals who come into proximity with it. And while some folks believe that as long as they don’t have an open laceration that the water comes into contact they’ll be okay, the fact is some flood water can make you sick simple by breathing the fumes that are emitted from it.

Electric shock is a huge danger!

While many times a major storm will knock out power to a property, at times that isn’t the case. Should the water find its way into your electrical system and your circuit breaker not trip, you’re facing a very unsafe threat in the form of electrocution. That is why we always advise homeowners facing a flooded home to not walk into the flooded spots! Call as soon as possible for expert assistance so that an expert can determine the threat level and make the proper recommendation as to whether it’s safe to be in the home or not!

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Will my flood restoration be covered by insurance?

In most instances, yes. Most Redondo Beach homeowners are either covered for losses through their standard homeowners policy or through flood insurance. While the first covers losses that are due to water pouring out from inside the home, flood insurance covers losses from rain, hurricanes, and other water sources outside of the home. So chances are your loss will be covered by insurance but it’s always best to read your policy so that you know what’s covered! Here’s a brief explanation of sudden water damage and a list of water losses typically covered under homeowners insurance:

  • dishwasher overflow or leak
  • pipe burst
  • toilet, sink or bathtub/shower overflow
  • refrigerator’s water line leaks
  • hot water tank
  • clothes washing machine hose malfunctions

These are all consider sudden losses, but things like rain entering your home, or sewage water backing up into your property, don’t typically fall under a standard policy given the source of the loss is an issue outside of the home.

Not all flood restoration companies are the same!

It’s such a huge decision, and it’s one too many people make without realizing their options and the risks related with those alternatives. Mainly, which flood damage repair contractor to choose. A lot of individuals, whether it’s due to their shock about what has taken place or simply because the situation is so serious, will hire anyone. But is that a practical decision when it comes to cleaning up flooding damage in your home and the long lasting impacts that service can have? Of course not! You have to ensure the company you choose hires technicians that know what they are doing when they get into your house.

So how can you be certain that is the case? Sorry to say, there is no type of endorsing or licensing organization within our industry at the governmental level, like you ‘d see for other fields. What that means for you is that pretty much anybody can start up a flood damage company and service your home. With absolutely no training or qualifications, they can offer a very important service to your home. Yikes! The good news is, one way to know if they know what they are doing is to make sure they have certifications from the IICRC.

Redondo Beach, CA flood damage repair is our specialty! Whether your property was damaged due to a recent storm or from a damaged pipe, if you have standing water, you have an emergency on your hands that we can fix. Our Redondo Beach flood cleanup company has seen it all, and if you think it’s bad now, hesitating to take action only makes things worse! So don’t wait around until things become worse, make sure you contact us now so that we can get things fixed fast! 

If it’s a basement flood or Redondo Beach sewage removal, or some other flood event triggering standing water, moving fast is crucial. Acting now will save you cash and will help reduce the restoration time. Our Redondo Beach flood cleanup crews are at your service 24/7. You will always talk to a live customer service rep who can dispatch a Redondo Beach water damage restoration crew instantly that can usually arrive within 30 minutes if not sooner! Our flooding damage repair expert can walk through your home, analyze any damages, and present a total quote for the cost to dry out and restore your property and household items.

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