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West Coast Restoration in Indio knows how unbearable it is to find your residence flooded with water. Natural disasters are sporadic but when they occur they arrive suddenly. However, certain types of water damages are produced due to different reasons. Our certified staff is trained to quickly respond to your aid and really help you to effortlessly overcome the situation. They will thoroughly restore your unit, extracting the water and making sure all affected areas are fully dry. Clearing away the water is important to make sure mold is avoided. Nevertheless, our specialists have years of training and experience with all sorts of challenges stemming from water damage. If required, our water damage Indio crew will ensure that you’re situation gets dealt with right way.

We offer several types of services for both commercial and residential clients in Indio and throughout Riverside County California. It sure is devastating when floods or any other sort of event brings about damage to your home. Not only does one have to endure losing time trying to manage the issue but the unplanned cost can be hindering to an unprepared individual. We are more than prepared to assist with the damage cleanup task required to rebuild your property.

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Water Damage in Indio, CA

Water damage is regarded as a significant event for homeowners each year in Indio, California. Flooding is pretty much the primary reason for water damage in Indio. Flood waters are commonly classified as either black or gray. Black water refers to that which comes from outdoor places like streams or rivers. Gray water is that which comes from places inside the property such as dishwashers, sinks or toilets. Statistically speaking, people run a 1% chance of being affected by water damage.

Despite of the cause of damage because of water, West Coast Restoration Team is in position to serve you upon request. Do not allow water ruin your property and all of your personal belongings. A leakage or stagnant water in the areas of your property can not be addressed with a quick dry up, this type of strategy will not do the trick unless it was caused by a spill. A water damage situation will stop the operation of your business, interrupt your day to day routine and keep you from carrying out the activities to meet your daily needs.

It is very likely that once you start to estimate the restoration and cleanup cost you may find yourself stressed. During the year 2012, billions of dollars worth in claims were processed all throughout the country. We are highly experienced in collaborating clients through every step of the restoration process, especially with the paperwork process pertaining to the insurance claim. Being homeowner, you should secure the service of the right water damage expert to address the problems suffered. We possess a group of experienced professionals who are professionals in the water damage restoration filed. Our technicians are trained to get your property back to pre-loss condition fast and make the reconstruction process seamless. Because of our efficient method when providing restoration service we have become highly regarded in the industry.

At West Coast Restoration, we are appreciated for our short response time. We understand the need to take prompt action when your residence or business property has become flooded. Simply give us a ring at +1-800-399-3213 and we will show up as quickly as possible to get started on your dry out and restoration process

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Indio, CA Water Damage Map

Water Damage Indicators

Even though observable water inside a property is without a doubt a sign of damage, there are a few other symptoms one should look for. Spots on the ceiling and walls, corroded pipes, bad odor, peeling paint and mold buildup are all confirmation of water damage. If you think your home or office is experiencing any those effects, taking prompt action is required. Untreated water will turn to mold which then can lead to serious health conditions. Depending on where the flood water stems from, other risks to your health may also be a concern. To keep you and your family safe in terms of health, we will deploy our mold removal Indio team right away to remove any sign of it from your property.

Water Damage Tips

Indio, CA Water Damage Information

Despite of the source of water damage, West Coast Restoration Team would like to warn you to be very careful when confronting an affected property. Calling an expert needs to be your first reaction prior to dealing with an impacted home or office property. Depending upon the level of the damage, we strongly recommend not to enter into an affected building. Following any natural disaster, watch out for any fallen power lines. When possible, be sure to shut down the power before entering a damaged property. However, it is suggested that in any water damage Indio CA event, an emergency response contractor is called for the security of everyone’s safety.

Main Causes of Water Damage

The root cause of the must be determined and fixed. It is a must to stop the damage as early on as possible and to stop further water build up which would only increase the water damage. If burst pipes are responsible, the water main valve must be closed. If the damage is caused by heavy rains or typhoon, waiting is the only option until the rains or tropical storm cease.

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How Long Until Water Damage Becomes Mold?

There is a 24 to 48 hour window from the time something gets wet until mold can start to propagate. After that time, mold will multiply dramatically. When mold growth is rampant, you may need the assistance of a skilled mold remediation service to carefully treat and clear away the mold.

Avoid working with mold on your own. For natural disasters the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy, remediation should be left to a qualified professional. If you have to begin the procedure by yourself, take extreme caution. The more you interrupt the mold, the greater the chance it can circulate throughout your home and end up being harmful to your health.

Getting Rid of Stagnant Water

Standing water is an obvious notice of water damage to the structure of your business or home. The superior service group of contractors from West Coast Restoration Team are highly equipped with all the required systems to remove stagnant water. Our state of the art water removal equipment is ready for use at your disposal. Using the subsurface procedure our specialists will be able to pick up the water under any carpet and also from any surface area to get rid of it.

After Drying Process is Finished

After the water extraction has been completed, our service specialists will focus on minimizing and perhaps even avoiding additional damages. To achieve this objective, our qualified group of experts will be sure to get rid of all floor material which includes tile or carpet. This is done to minimize mold growth so that the impact might be contained. West Coast Restoration Team will do everything possible to avoid unnecessary damage to your personal belongings and keep you from needing to replace too many items.

What About Insurance?

Contact your insurance company. Do refrain from doing anything to your home before you have actually contacted your insurance company. If you have to get rid of anything right away, ensure you record it with pictures or video. The insurer must send a water remediation contractor immediately. Switch off the power. Before you do any work, turn off the power to the areas you will be dealing with.

West Coast Restoration will work with your insurance company directly, eliminating the need for you to participate in the claims process. This is just one of the ways we relieve the stress of Indio water damage.

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