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Rancho Cucamonga, CA Water restoration, fire restoration, and flood restoration – we restore everything at West Coast Restoration Services. When your basement floods, or when fires and smoke wreak mayhem on your kitchen, or when a wind-blown tree falls on your roof, that’s when you need us. With over 50 years’ combined expertise in the restoration business, Our Rancho Cucamonga water damage contractors are respectful, experienced, and have the technical capability to make it all new again.

What sets us apart from other restoration contractors in the Rancho Cucamonga area? Plain and simple, we will be there when you need us. Our local San Bernardino County business is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and your call will always reach a company staff member– never an answering service. That minimizes the reaction time, and we can make it to your door in no more than an hour for most projects.

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When you contact West Coast Restoration for Rancho Cucamonga, CA water damage restoration, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a full-service restoration and repair company. Our turnkey service means that beyond clearing away standing or soaked-in water, we’ll fully dry the interior of your structure using modern drying equipment, and then perform all required structural repairs to leave your house or office looking like new again.

West Coast Restoration is fully licensed, bonded and insured and has an A-plus standing from the Bbb. As a full-service restoration contractor, we provide fire and smoke damage repair and home remodeling, among others. We also provide direct insurance billing, which enables us to deal directly with the insurance adjuster and creates a lot less of a stress for you, the consumer.

Our residential and commercial water restoration service deals with every angle, regardless if the water damage is brought on by a leaky roof, septic overflow, storm damage, broken pipes or any other possibly devastating inundation. You can count on West Coast Restoration for everything pertaining to water damage repair, including…

Our 24/7 water damage restoration includes:

  • Water removal
  • Drying/dehumidification
  • Contents restoration
  • Mold prevention

At West Coast Restoration, we are recognized for our short response time. We are aware of the need to take immediate action when your residence or commercial property has become flooded. Simply give us a call at +1-800-399-3213 and we will show up as quickly as possible to get started on your dry out and restoration process

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Our Rancho Cucamonga Water Damage Restoration Team is Ready!

Water removal, floor repair, carpet cleaning, sewage cleanup, mold remediation, hardwood cleaning– no restoration job in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is too big or too small for West Coast Restoration. Many restoration jobs demand a diversified set of techniques to perform, which is another one of our advantages– we are a full-service, licensed, residential and commercial contractor in the State of California, so any repair or replacement work can be carried out without the hassle of employing another restoration company. We also offer the comfort of direct insurance billing, so the client isn’t further burdened by having to work with the adjuster.

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA Water Damage Information

Basements are the most likely area for water damage, thanks to its location at the lowest level of the house. Rancho Cucamonga, CA Water damage can occasionally go unrecognized. In this particular situation water damage has no prevention or immediate repair. Common causes of water damage are inferior drainage, clogged drainage , ice build up, damaged plumbing, wall foundation cracks. Basement water damage repair is necessary to the house vitality and to the health of family members.

Handling a water damage repair involves water removal, basement and accessories complete drying, and fixing the water damage. There might be many factors included in an effort to repair a water damaged basement, a few of these are water levels and the level and the coverage area of the damage.

Main Causes of Water Damage

The source of the must be identified and fixed. It is a must to stop the damage as early as possible and to prevent further water build up which would only increase the water damage. If burst pipes are to blame, the water main valve should be closed. If the damage is caused by heavy rains or typhoon, waiting is the only option until the rains or tropical storm cease.

Pick up the phone and dial (800) 399-3213 to connect with a West Coast Restoration technician in your area.

Call the right professionals. Get a water remediation specialist in your home as soon as possible. These professionals remove all the affecteded contents and begin the process of drying everything out. I suggest hiring a mold expert as well once everything is dried out to make sure the remediation procedure achieved success. You need to be sure everything is dry and all the mold has actually been eliminated before you start any reconstruction. Of course you want to go back into your home as soon as possible, but hurrying can lead to future mold issues.

How Long Until Water Damage Becomes Mold?

There is a 24 to 48 hour window from the time something gets wet until mold can start to grow. After that time, mold will increase rapidly. When mold growth is extensive, you may need the services of a qualified mold remediation service to safely treat and get rid of the mold.

Avoid handling mold by yourself. For natural disasters the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy, remediation should be left to a professional. If you have to begin the procedure by yourself, take extreme caution. The more you disturb the mold, the greater the chance it can spread out throughout your home and become dangerous to your health.

What About Insurance?

Contact your insurance provider. Do not do anything to your house before you have called your insurance provider. If you need to eliminate anything right away, ensure you record it with photos or video. The insurance provider must send a water removal specialist immediately. Turn off the power. Before you do any work, switch off the power to the areas you will be working on.

West Coast Restoration will work with your insurance company directly, eliminating the need for you to participate in the claims process. This is just one of the ways we relieve the stress of Rancho Cucamonga water damage.

  • Mrs. LeeMrs. LeeFast service!

    Thanks for exceptional service and great attitude. Sam took the headache of dealing with insurance and processed the claim with great speed. His professionalism and guidance helped us with our water damage crisis. At the end the house looked better than before.

  • J. GonzalezJ. GonzalezVery professional. Great work!

    "I was very upset and ready to throw away my wall-to-wall carpet after my tenants moved out.Great job Eli-can't believe how nice it came out! Already recommended you to my neighbors and friends."

  • J. Vinn.J. Vinn.Worked with my insurance company

    "I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years with several rental properties. All I can say is these guys are reliable, honest and always do excellent work."

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